Pastor Wilder begins a series from Matthew 4:1-11 entitled “Winning Against Temptation”.  Main points are:

Temptation is common to everyone

All are not tempted in the same ways

Model prayer, deliver us from temptation

Every temptation can lead us into deeper sin

Temptation is not sin

Spiritual maturity will not stop temptation

Wrestling with temptation is just as bad as having sinned is not true

All of us are not tempted by the same things (Misconception)

Only God is above temptation

James 1:13

Temptation to do wrong is always of the devil

Temptation usually comes when need is not met



Pastor shares a Black History Month sermon from Ezekiel 30:1-9 entitled “Let’s Break The Curse“. Main points are:

Ultimate trust is in God

Foundation of society to be broken

Separation of generations

Pray for restoration of foundation

Effect on family (Lost perspective)

Deal with aspect of fear (Faith, confidence broken)

Necessity Of The Infilling

February 15, 2015

Pastor Wilder continues with The Holy Spirit entitled “Necessity Of The Infilling” from Joel 2:28-32.  Main points are: Holy Spirit is vast Continuously filled, controlled by The Holy Spirit Blessing of God more than material things All of us will need guidance of Holy Spirit Acts 2:14-18 Holy Spirit wants to control tongue, because no […]

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How To Stay Filled With The Spirit

February 8, 2015

Pastor Wilder continues sharing with us about the Holy Spirit “How To Stay Filled With The Spirit” from Acts 4:23-31 Bible commands us to continuously be filled Be not drunk with wine (Abandoned life) Guard your inner man through private worship and Thanksgiving Proverbs 4:24 Devote yourself to prayer Ephesians 6:11 Luke 18:1 Holy Spirit […]

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The Fullness of The Holy Spirit

February 1, 2015

Pastor Wilder shares the sermon”The Fullness of The Holy Spirit” from Acts 1:4-5 & Ephesians 5:18. Main points are: Baptize: To dip repeatedly, immerse, cleanse, make cleanwith water Baptizo: Permanent change, identify with Christ Bapto: Temporary effect Mark 10:35-40 Depth and experience with God Luke 12:49-50 By faith be filled with Spirit Continuously filled  

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