Pastor Wilder continues with this series dealing with The Holy Spirit.  The main points are:

Jesus is going to rebuke, admonish

Sin is in all of us

Convict that I am righteous

Convict or convince you of judgement

Satan and demons have already been dealt with

Genesis 1:2

Germinate by preparation

John 6:63

Acts 10:19

Ephesians 3:16

Grow by perfection(Grow us up)

Galatians 5:22-25

I Corinthians 2:9-13

Guards by perception(Discern what is God and not of God)

Romans 8:16

I John 4:11

Grace you by power,show God’s favor on you

Acts 1:8

Acts 4:33

Micah 3:8




Pastor Wilder shares a message from John 14:15-18;26 dealing with the Holy Spirit.  T he main points are:

Holy Spirit is for us, another comforter

Holy spirit will abide with you forever

The Holy Spirit is not in personable, is not an it

Holy Spirit is a spirit of truth

Holy Spirit is designed to keep us from error

The world and they of the world can’t receive Holy Spirit

Can’t receive concept of Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit is not offered to the world

The Father is the one who sends The Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit is going to teach you(Teacher)

Holy Spirit is third person of the Trinity

The Year Of Higher Callings 3

January 11, 2015

Pastor Wilder continues with this year’s theme “The Year of Higher Callings” from Acts 6:1-7.  The main points are: You must make a commitment to deal with conflicts in life Conflicts arise naturally Conflict makes you aware problem exists Grow and clarify expectations Enhances opportunity for inclusiveness Can demonstrate a commitment to a relationship  Collaborate […]

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The Year of Higher Callings

January 4, 2015

Pastor Wilder continues with “The Year of Higher Callings” from John 21:2-9.  The main points are: Greatest temptation to go to lower things is a transition in your life Disappointment Discipline your disappointments Times of delay Likely to make a decision to go back to what you know(What God called you out of) Are to […]

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The Year of Higher Calling

January 1, 2015

Pastor Wilder shares 2014 watch night sermon outlining what God has for us in 2015.  The main points are: God is calling us into something Greater God allows something to be shaken and moved God put us there for a Higher Calling Somethings are not going to be comfortable  You do work, by the Anointing […]

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