Pastor Wilder shares a message from Leviticus 19:32 on Grandparent’s Day.  The main points are as follows:

If we are blessed we can go where they are


Money problems, many feel useless, deal with loneliness, elder abuse, seniors worry about being a burden, concerned about moving from own home


Owe to our seniors a debt of reverence and respect

When seniors speak you listen

Make them proud of investment they put in us

Giving financial support when needed

Visit and comfort seniors


Give, God will see it given back to you

Mind to be clearer, vision to be clearer than when you were young

Even in old age they shall bring forth fruit and prosper

Even in old age we may see faithfulness of God


Pastor Wilder shares a message from John 6:5-12 entitled “He Can’t Bless It Until You Bring It”. The points are:

God can provide in the midst of scarcity

More to salvation than getting saved

We don’t have enough

I Samuel 14:6

Joshua 23:10

Resources are not efficient

Why borrow

Can’t God give you favor

What we have belongs to us

God has divine supply for whatever challenge you face

Dealing With Discouragement 2

August 31, 2014

Pastor Wilder continues with the series “Dealing With Discouragement”, from Hebrews 3:12-13.  These are the main points: Remove any guilt in your life Psalm 51:12 Get emotions in check Feed your faith Ezekiel 41:10 Isaiah 40:31 Jeremiah 29:11 Gods word comes out of your mouth with power and vigor Listen to good music Offer a […]

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Mortgage Burning Ceremony

August 28, 2014

Watch as we burn the Mortgage of Bethel Baptist Collegeville, in this portion Pastor Wilder shares the Mortgage Burning Litany, burning of the mortgage and a song “Every Praise Is To Our God”

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Dealing With Discouragement

August 24, 2014

Pastor Wilder shares a message from Deuteronomy 1:19-28 entitled ” Dealing With Discouragement”.  The main points are as follows: Where do we start Never lose focus of what God has sent you there for They had a negative mental attitude Unhealthy inner chatter Rebellion to what God has used in life Drew irrational conclusions Ephesians […]

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