Pastor Wilder continues with the series “Dealing With Discouragement”, from Hebrews 3:12-13.  These are the main points:

Remove any guilt in your life

Psalm 51:12

Get emotions in check

Feed your faith

Ezekiel 41:10

Isaiah 40:31

Jeremiah 29:11

Gods word comes out of your mouth with power and vigor

Listen to good music

Offer a sacrifice of praise

Develop a new plan

Watch as we burn the Mortgage of Bethel Baptist Collegeville, in this portion Pastor Wilder shares the Mortgage Burning Litany, burning of the mortgage and a song “Every Praise Is To Our God”

Dealing With Discouragement

August 24, 2014

Pastor Wilder shares a message from Deuteronomy 1:19-28 entitled ” Dealing With Discouragement”.  The main points are as follows: Where do we start Never lose focus of what God has sent you there for They had a negative mental attitude Unhealthy inner chatter Rebellion to what God has used in life Drew irrational conclusions Ephesians […]

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Everybody’s Got Something

August 17, 2014

Pastor Wilder shares a message “Everybody’s Got Something” from John 6:66-70, the main points are: Everyone has to deal with something to be successful Helps you to focus on right thing II Corinthians 4:17 Don’t focus on those who left you Know who your real friends are Helps make better long term choice Psalm 119:7 […]

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Establishing A Kingdom Culture (7)

August 10, 2014

Pastor Wilder finishes the series “Establishing A Kingdom Culture” , in this installment  he focuses on Spirit: Spirit Of  God gives us life(Power,Ability) Spirit wants you to stand Spirit wants you to be Great Army(A Force To Advance)

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