Dr Brook Parker Bello shares a message from Ezekiel 28:4-5;13-16, listen and enjoy this emphatic message of what God has for You!


Assistant Pastor Beverly Laster shares a message from the book of Judges entitled “Shamgar”.  The points are:

True leaders always help the team win

True leadership spots wham a person sees a need

Confidence to address the needs

Praise of passion and vision of passion to act

Persuade a people

Pursues a purpose (Get goal done)

The Truth(Trust God to use you in what you have)

Embark from where you are

He didn’t whine

Implore resources that you have

Entrust the results to God

Astonished But Unaffected By His Great Works

October 5, 2014

Assistant Pastor Tremaine Davis gives a dynamic message entitled “Astonished But Unaffected By His Great Works” from Matthew 4:23-25 and Matthew 7:28.  The main points are as follows: Jesus mission was to live the word of God One thing to hear it, but another to live it Know the word Deny the flesh Obey the […]

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Hunger For God’s Word 2

September 28, 2014

Pastor Wilder continues the series from Psalm 19:7-11 entitled “Hunger For God’s Word”  the main points are: Work that it does to you Work that it does through you Convert the soul Restore that part of us that has been wrecked Design to make you wise in the things of God Designed to give our […]

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Hunger For God’s Word

September 21, 2014

Pastor shares a message “Hunger For God’s Word” from I Peter 2:1-2.  The main points are as follows: Vital every individual and church have a hunger for the word of God Matthew 5:6 Lose appetite because of bacteria or virus Lose spiritual appetite because of sin in our life that needs to be dealt with […]

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