Pastor Wilder shares a Christmas message from Luke 2:13-14 entitled “The Real Christmas Story“. The main points are:

Man separated from God because of sin

Christmas about a savior

Christmas about a salvation

Christmas is about satisfaction

Genesis 48:14


Pastor Wilder finishes the series “Power of Forgiveness” subtitled “Forgiving  Yourself” from Matthew 27:1-5. The main points are:

Guilt comes when you have made intentional decision to do wrong

We have a way of escape but we don’t take it

Grace to take way out


Human system never designed to carry emotional strain

Practical Ways For Forgiveness

Ask God’s forgiveness

Go back to those who you have done wrong and ask for forgiveness

Abandon unrealistic expectations of yourself and others

Realize somethings are going to happen whether you are there or not

Don’t turn a part of life into your entire life

Rely on God’s Grace for those spiritual standards

Stop looking back 

Power of Forgiveness 4

December 8, 2014

Pastor Wilder continues with the series “Power of Forgiveness” from Matthew 18:15-18;21-22.  The main points are as follows: Benefits of Forgiveness Guaranteed God will forgive you We are commanded to forgive It is good for emotional and physical health Grow spiritually, see God act on your behalf Grow by discipline of prayer Opportunity to do […]

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Who’s Giving Thanks For You

December 2, 2014

Pastor Wilder shares a Thanksgiving message from Romans 16:3-4 and the main points are as follows: Thank God for his goodness and mercy Remember Gods and holiness Victory in Christ Jesus (Always) Gift is a gift of help Go beyond normal In order for progress to be made, someone has to sacrifice    

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God’s Promise of Provision For You

November 30, 2014

Assistant Pastor Tremaine Davis shares a message from Philippians 4:14-19, and the main points are as follows: Trust God in every season Psalm 24:1 Psalm 147 Psalm 146:7-8 I Chronicles 29:12 God provides for all people Philippians 1:1 Philippians 1:20 Philippians 3:10 They gave with the right spirit They gave in the right season They […]

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