A Recipe of Deliverance

By December 3, 2017Podcast Sermons

Pastor Wilder shares a message from Exodus 12:3-11, main points are:

Your life begins when Jesus sets You Free

Many people came out of Egypt, but Egypt never came out of them

Lamb was to be singled out just as Jesus was

Lamb in first year, cut off in prime just as Jesus

Their sins and inequities are responsible for the lambs death

You have been delivered out but can you stay out?

You have to eat all of the lamb to get out, we need to take  The whole counsel of God

Complete deliverance will only come by the whole counsel of God

Luke 12:33

Habits need to girded, desires under control

Must have shoes on your feet, be prepared for a journey

Somethings you are going to have to walk out

Many people don’t  get to promised land without willing to  walk it out

Have your staff in your hand, used for balance and for protection

Balance is walking with God as to not to get too high or too low

You must have something and someone to keep you in balance

You need to eat in haste, don’t waste anytime

Romans 13:11, Ephesians 5:16, Psalm 90