Faith in Conflict & Contradiction

By September 17, 2017Podcast Sermons


Pastor Wilder shares a message from I Kings 18:1-6 entitled “Faith in Conflict & Contradiction“.  The main points are as follows:

All of us will deal with conflict and contradiction

Ahab employed Obadiah as person over house and he feared God also

We are left in this world to be a light in it

Serving men doesn’t always mean you are in agreement with their philosophy

Focus on your own faithfulness not on your leaders weakness

Sometimes your presence is a witness against their wickedness or a light

Obadiah had inside skills but outside instincts (adaptability & flexibility)

Flexibility allows you to adapt where you are going (pleasing to those you serve)

Flexibility can save you a lot of lost time

Flexibility allows God to do his way not yours

Flexibility allows you to deal with consequences of risk