Fasting & Prayer 2

By January 21, 2018Podcast Sermons

Pastor Wilder continues the series “Fasting & Prayer” from Isaiah 58, while Dr. Selwyn Vickers shares the physical aspect of fasting.

Why Fast?

Fasting opens us up for Revelation

Things previously unknown

Previously known but now unfolded

Fast for spiritual discernment(The ability to see into or understand  the source of a thing)

Ezra 8:23

Moses- Saw the goodness of God (Exodus 33:18-19)

Cornelius- Acts 10:3

Peter(to go to Cornelius)-Acts 10:9

Paul(on ship)-Acts 27:23

Daniel-(Gabriel)-Daniel 9:20-21

Fasting gives us Spiritual Power (Matt 17:21)

Fasting brings spiritual alertness, prayer brings spiritual strenght/power

Spiritual alertness is to discern what is going on spiritually

Fasting opens us up to self control

Self control-Weakens the control of the body upon the will and thereby the will can do as it ought.

Prayer alone is not half the battle

Fasting helps to bring about physical health

Lose weight and belly fat

Improves brain function & mental clarity

Help improves eating patterns

Can curb hunger

Prayer List for 2018


Youth Minister

Church Administrator

Money to pay for staff salaries

Prayer life center

Funds, revise plans, additional property

Right money manager for our funds

Church Engagement

More millennial involvement

Sunday school growth, college ministry, cell groups, Bible study growth, community ministry

Historic Church

Funds for maintenance, funds for restoration of the parsonage

Church revival

Meeting, spirit