Fasting & Prayer

By January 14, 2018Podcast Sermons

Pastor Wilder shares a message from Isaiah 58:8-12 entitled “ Fasting & Prayer” main points are as follows:

Fasting in medical terms is to detox your body through restriction of food.

Things stay in your spirit as well that aren’t good

Spiritual fasting- is reducing or eliminating food, replacing these activities with the expertise of prayer and preoccupation with spiritual concerns

Fasting is translated meaning one who is empty

Empty oneself of carnal things in order to pursue spiritual things

Normal fast in which there is no intake of food for a prescribed period of time, though there may be an intake of liquids

Partial fast in which the diet is limited, though some food is allowed

Absolute in which there is a total abstinence of food and drink

Duration of Fast

1- Day fast

Regular fast, morning to evening, Judges 20:26

2- Day Fast

Luke 8:12, Monday & Thursday

3- Day Fast

Night and day specified, Est 4:16 & Jonah 1:17

7- Day Fast

At Saul’s death, I Sam 31:13

21- Day Fast

Daniel 9:3

40-Day Fast

Moses & Jesus

Fasting opens us up for Revelation

Things previously unknown

Previously known but now unfolded

I Corinthians 11:23- The Lord’s Supper

Galatians 2:2- Proper time to go

Daniel 10:4- Future of Israel

Things previously known but not unfolded

Moses- Practical Applications( Ex 24:18;34:27)

Elijah: His successor & next KIng (I Kings 19:8-18)

Others who have fasted

Ezra- Ezra 8:21-33

Esther- Esther 4:16

Anna the Prophetess- Luke 2:36

Cornelius- Acts 10:30

Paul- Acts 27:21-33

Church at Antioch- Acts 13:12

Dr. Henry Samuel Tanner

Native Americans

Martin Luther

Two goals God has for us

Find out what God says

Then do what God says