Hidden Provisions

By March 5, 2017Podcast Sermons

Pastor Wilder shares a message of “Hidden Provisions” detailing What God Hides, Why God Hides Things and Where God Hides Provisions.  Main points are as follows:

Everything at one point will be revealed

God’s supplies all the needs of those who follow him

What God Hides


Some future events

His wisdom, counsel and understanding

His face

Your life

Why God Hides

Because of sin

For his glory

To keep things from unworthy

Where God Hides

In conflict

In companion

In his counsel(wisdom)

In a commitment

In a constraint

Two benefits of conflict

Identify the need of provisions

Identify the provision for the need

Matthew 14:16, Genesis 22:13, Exodus 2:11-12

Conflict Needs

A king who could guide through conflict

A warrior capable of fighting Goliath

Someone to defend the name of God

Someone to put an end to the conflict

An opportunity to be given a wife

To get great riches Make his house great and free

To defend God’s name 

An opportunity for motives to be examined

An opportunity to show value before his superiors