How To Make God Happy 3

By February 11, 2018Podcast Sermons

Pastor Wilder continues the series “How To Make God Happy” from Psalm 119:25-32.  Main points are as follows:

Precepts- Piqqud: to take oversight or change

Truths of God that must be bound together in order to understand the whole truth.

Isaiah 28:8-11

I Corinthians 14:21

Hebrews 5:12-14

Benefit of understanding the precepts of God:

Talk of thy wonderful works

Pala- to separate or distinguish the high and difficult things of God

Thy law- Torah

To direct, guide, teach, make straight or even

Romans 3:20, Romans 7:7, Psalm 19:7, Psalm 119:104

Benefit- It removes us from the way of lying(habitual falsity, everything contrary)

There are some things in life God has already pronounced sentence on, so we don’t need to spend any more time trying to figure it out.

Psalm 119:128, Psalm 19:9

We spend less time trying to figure life out and more time living life out

Thy Testimonies- Eduh

To go over again

Every generation should leave some tangible proof of God’s ability behind so the next generation can have something to believe

Benefit- I will not be put to shame in believing, in representing

Everyone has an opinion but not a testimony

Psalm 19:7

Isaiah 49:23

God wants us to know of his testimonies is to have us to have something anchored in

What has God done in your life that you can hold onto?

Every circumstance is another testimony, God can bring you out on top!