Making The Most of The Time You Have Left 2

By January 7, 2018Podcast Sermons

Pastor Wilder continues from II Timothy 4:9-19, main points are as follows:

Learn which battles to fight

“Let God deal with Alexander because it is His(God’s) fight, not mine”!

Guidelines for choosing your battles

1) Valuable prize or trivial pleasure

2) Only choose battles you can win with the time you have left

3) Choose battles that eliminate smaller battles

4) Only fight battles you can put your whole self into it

Forgive those who have disappointed you

Three people who disappoint

1) Shoulda beens- people you expect out of their obligation to you

2) Coulda beens- people you expected to be there just because they had the opportunity to be there.

3) Woulda beens- people you had it on their minds until an obstacle came.

Rely more fully on God’s Strength

Paul relied on God’s Strenght for:



Encourage those who are following behind you