Making The Most of The Time You Have Left!

By December 31, 2017Podcast Sermons

Pastor Wilder shares a message from II Timothy 4:9-18 entitled “Making The Most of The Time You Have Left” Main points are as follows:

Paul writes letter from dungeon

Last of his recorded epistles

Purpose to encourage Timothy

Gives Timothy good advice in being a good soldier

The primary focus of preaching and teaching

The signs of the last days

Paul is talking about his departure

Timothy needs to come quickly

His allies

Erastus was with him

His adversary

Alexander the Coppersmith

Nobody stood with Paul when he is on trial for his life, The Lord was with him

Partner with those who can help you finish strong

Make some strategic alliances

Barnabas for Evangelism(Acts 13:1)

Silas for establishing Churches

Titus & Timothy for church government

Church of Philippi for support

Partnership recognizes maturity

Partnership demonstrates humility

Partnerships provide protection

Partnerships creates new ideas

Paul’s Essentials- Focus on what is essential

A true friend to keep the spirit high

A cloak to keep the body warm

Books to keep the mind developing

Parchments for the soul engaged

Learn which battles to fight and which ones to put in the hands of God

When time is running out fighting battles are not a priority

Choose battles that have a prize not a pleasure

I Samuel 17:29