The Nursery ministry is provided to temporarily release parents and caretakers of childcare responsibilities, so that they can participate fully in worship activities.  Children, ages infant to 3 years, may be placed in the nursery during the times it is open. Unless it is a special occasion, all parents with children in the nursery are asked to work a minimum of one Sunday per month. All parents are asked to bring the supplies that are needed for their child while in the nursery.

Children’s Church​​
This ministry is designed to teach Biblical truths to children ages 3 to 10 on their level during the sermon time.  Children’s Church meets each Sunday, during the sermon period, except for the First Sunday or as otherwise indicated.

Youth & Progressive Choir​​
Youth Choir begins at age 8. There is not an age limit for this choir.

Bessie R. Jones Choir​​
The Bessie R. Jones Choir meets on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 P. M.

Male Chorus    
The male Chorus is comprised of men in the Church who desire to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.  The male chorus sings on every fifth Sunday.

Usher Boards
The primary duty of an usher is to assist in maintaining order in the worship service. Each Usher Board is to meet the week prior to their Sunday of service.

1. James Foy​
This Usher Board is designed for children. Ages 5 to teen years

2. Usher Board # 2​
This Usher Board is designed for the adults.

3. George McCoy​
This Usher Board is designed for adults.

Men’s Fellowship
The Men’s fellowship is designed to provide camaraderie and ministry for the men of the church and the community.

Women’s Fellowship
The Women’s Ministry is a monthly Bible Study for the woman of Bethel and the local community.

Missionary Society
The purpose of the Missionary Society is to unite the believers in Christ in a progressive enterprise, and to encourage a regular participation in the Missionary Program of the local Church as well as District, State, National, International or World-wide Missions.

To train believers in systematic Bible Study, daily prayer, Mission study and definite personal service.

The Matrons are young women in the Missionary Society who are responsive for working harmoniously with experienced adults in expanding a vast Missionary Program for the purpose of Mission and Education.

The future of the Church depends upon properly trained Christians who are willing to put into practice Christian examples of living. All Christians are encouraged to teach their children to grow as Jesus grew: In statue, in wisdom, in service, and in favor with God and Man.

Benevolence Ministry
This ministry seeks to meet the physical needs of those in our church family and community by providing temporary relief for the poor, afflicted and distressed.

Tutorial Programs
This ministry is designed to offer educational assistance for the children of the church and community.

Exit Examination Review
This ministry is designed to prepare high school students to take the high school exit examination.

Girl Scouts
This purpose of this ministry is to nurture the young girls in our community so that they become leaders of the future.

Boy Scouts
The purpose of this ministry is to teach young boys survival skills.

Youth Explosion/Evangelism
This ministry serves the Community of Collegeville with activities that are intended to nurture children in the love of God and to bring our community to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

Biblical Counseling
Biblical Counseling provides hope by helping individuals, couples, and families deal with a wide range of issues, which include but are not limited to: addiction, pre-martial, marriage and parenting. Counseling is held on Mondays, 1:00-3:00 PM @ Bethel Baptist Church, 3200 28th Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama 35207, 205-915-6841