Sunday School Classes

Ages 3 to 6
Teaching and training the youth in love about God and obedience.

Ages 7 to 12
Obedience and guidance is continued in this class. In addition, the righteousness of God is examined.

Vivian Durant ​​​​​​​
Ages 13 to 18​​​​​

Preparing girls through biblical teaching and worship, God’s way.

Young Boys​​​​​​
Instructing young men regarding the Godly role of leadership and obedience.

Young Women​​​​​
Women’s class teaching biblical truths to use daily.

Young Adult
Ages 19-34
Coed class to equip young adults in applying God’s Word to their lives.

N.J. Davis​​​​​​​​
Ages 35 and older​​​​​
Co-ed class on an adult level training in all God’s directions and fruits of the spirit.

Verley Funderberg
Ages 35 and older​​​​​
Co-ed adult class studying God’s word, utilizing scripture and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit.​​​

Men’s Bible Class​​​​
Ages 35 and over
To instruct men in leadership and Godliness in the household of God.

Couples Class for Married Couples
This class is designed to help married couples strengthen their marriage relationship as well as their relationship with God.