The 7 Results of Ingratitude

By November 19, 2017Podcast Sermons

Pastor Wilder shares a message from Psalm 106:8-16 in which he delves into the act of Ingratitude.

Main points are as follows:

The sin of ingratitude

Last days -2 Tim 3:2

Characteristic of reprobates- Romans 1:21

Condemned by Jesus-Luke 17:17

Gratitude is:

Commanded of a believer- Col 3:15

Necessary for true worship- Psalm 100:4

Necessary in prayer – Phil 4:46; Col 4:2

Trait of the mature- Col- Col 2:6-7

Expressed for all blessings- 1 Tess 5:18

Psalm 106 is a confessional Psalm

6 sinful acts of the people

Sinned like our fathers

committed iniquity

Done wickedly

Failed to understand their history

Did not remember God’s mercy

#1 Ingratitude begins with forgetfulness

Joshua 4:21- When your children shall ask

Remember appears 148 times in scripture

Forget not appears 56 times

# 2 Ingratitude rejects Gods counsel

Proverbs 1:25, Proverbs 1:30-31

# 3 Ingratitude leads to lust 

Lust is based on assumption that you know what you need better than God

Israel lust

Meat, water, new leadership